Watch Free TV On Kodi

Watch Free TV On Kodi

Follow these simple steps to start watching free TV on Kodi.

If you’re new to Kodi, don’t worry. It’s really easy to use and takes only a few minutes to set up. Then you can start watching your favorite channels, shows, and sports events free online, both live and on-demand.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a digital media player. You can use Kodi on any device to stream live TV, live sports, TV shows, movies, and more from the internet, all for free. You can watch just about anything on Kodi, and there’s more content available all the time. Kodi is free to download and use, and very easy even for beginners.

What’s the catch?

The catch is that TV networks and big media companies don’t want you to watch their stuff for free. So you have to be careful to hide your identity when you use Kodi, including your computer or device’s IP address. (Kodi is legal, but the issue is complicated. See Is Kodi Legal? to learn more.)

Second, because Kodi is extremely popular, hackers like to target it to steal users’ personal information. In fact, Kodi has several security vulnerabilities that can put you at risk if you don’t secure your connection.

Thankfully, hiding your identity and securing your connection on Kodi is very easy to do. We walk you through the 5-minute set-up below.

I’m ready to try it. Now what?

Just follow the steps below to start watching free TV on Kodi. You’ll be streaming your favorite channels in no time!

How To Use Kodi

FIRST: Hide your identity and secure your connection on Kodi with a trusted VPN

Kodi users know that using a VPN to stay anonymous and secure is a must. You should never use Kodi to watch free TV without also using a VPN. Your ISP monitors your online activities, and if they see you streaming free TV, they may hit you with copyright infringement. Plus, you don’t want to be at risk of getting hacked.

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A VPN will keep you 100% anonymous online, hide your IP address and identity, and encrypt your connection with military-grade security. There are lots of VPNs to choose from. The best VPN to use with Kodi is NordVPN. This is based on testing, critics’ reviews, popularity among Kodi users, and personal experience. NordVPN is optimized to work with Kodi, so you get the fastest streaming speeds and maximum protection. NordVPN is a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice VPN for 5 years running. Plus, for a limited time, it has one of the best deals out there (exclusive offer, expires soon).

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1. Get a free NordVPN account. You have a whole month to try it out and get a refund if you don’t like it or Kodi.

2. Download the NordVPN app for the device(s) you want to use with Kodi. You can use up to 6 devices at once with a single NordVPN subscription.

3. Connect to a NordVPN server. Your identity is now hidden, and your connection is secured. No one can spy on your activities or see your personal data. You’re now ready to install Kodi!​

NordVPN devices

NordVPN has the fastest streaming speeds and offers total protection on Kodi.

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Check out our comparison of the best VPNs for Kodi if you want more options.​ If you choose a different VPN than the ones we’ve vetted, just do your homework. Not all VPNs have sufficient security and privacy measures to keep you safe on Kodi, and many will slow your connection (not good when you want to watch TV).

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NEXT: Download and install Kodi

Now it’s time to download and install Kodi. You can use Kodi on your computer, mobile, gaming system, streaming device, and more.


1. Go to the official Kodi website and download Kodi for the device(s) you want to use. Then follow the steps to install it.

2. Connect to a NordVPN server (if you aren’t already) and launch the Kodi app. You’ll see the Kodi Home Screen.

3. You need to change one of the settings in Kodi to allow third-party add-ons. These are what you’ll use to watch free TV. To do this, go to Home > System (the gear icon) > System settings > Add-ons. Activate the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. You’ll see a WARNING! message saying add-ons will have access to your personal data. As long as you’re using a VPN with sufficient security and privacy protection — like one of these — you can proceed.

Now you’re ready to get the Kodi add-ons you’ll need to watch free TV. Kodi add-ons are like the apps on your phone. They let you do lots of cool things with Kodi, like stream live TV from your favorite channels. Most Kodi add-ons are free; all of the add-ons we’ll be talking about here are free.

NEXT: Get Kodi add-ons

There are hundreds of Kodi add-ons. There are also several different ways to install Kodi add-ons. We’ll show you the easiest way for beginners to get started — by installing a Kodi build. A Kodi build is just a version of Kodi with the customization done for you. Plus, the good builds come with tons of the most popular add-ons already included, saving you the hassle of installing them yourself. For watching free TV, we recommend the No Limits Magic Build. Here’s how to install it.


1. Connect to a NordVPN server (if you aren’t already) and launch the Kodi app. You’ll see the Kodi Home Screen.

2. Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner, then go to System Settings > Expert Mode > Addons.

3. Make sure you followed the steps above to turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘ — but only if you’re using a VPN. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install the build or third-party add-ons.

4. When the warning box pops up, as long as you’re connected to your VPN, you can click ‘Yes‘.

5. Now go back to the Kodi home screen and click the ‘Settings‘ icon. Then go to File Manager > Add Source.

6. Select None and enter the following path without the quotes “

7. Name it ‘NoLimits‘ and click ‘OK‘.

8. Go back to the Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons.

9. Click on the package installer icon.

10. Select ‘Install from Zip File’ > NoLimits >

11. Wait for the ‘Add-on Enabled‘ notification box.

12. From the Kodi Home Screen, select Add-ons > Program Add-ons.

13. Choose ‘No Limits Build Wizard’ > ‘1-No Limits Magic’.

14. The download and installation process will begin, and then Kodi will restart.

That’s it. You’re now ready to start watching TV on Kodi!

The No Limits Magic Build comes with add-ons you need to watch free TV already installed.

LAST STEP: Start watching free TV on Kodi

You can now explore everything Kodi has to offer and start watching free TV. The No Limits Magic build has sections for Live TV, Networks, Sports, TV shows, Movies, and more. Click on each of these to find the channel, show, sports event, or other content you want to watch. The selection is constantly being updated, so chances are you’ll always find some great — free! — entertainment.

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