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TV Content Not Available In Your Area? Here’s How To Get Around Geo-Blocks

If you’re getting blocked by TV websites or streaming services, this article shows you how to unblock them in 5 minutes or less.

If you’re trying to watch a live stream or video-on-demand content, but instead see a message like “Content not available in your country” you just got geo-blocked. Many TV websites restrict access to their content based on your location. It’s very annoying. But there’s an easy way around it.

You just need to use a VPN to hide your actual location, and instead tell websites you’re in a nearby location. With this simple trick, you can unblock any website in the world, and stream tons of TV and live sports for free.

Here, we’ll show you step-by-step how to use a VPN to unblock content world-wide.

(Note: You can also try using a web proxy to unblock websites. The free proxy at Instant Unblock is the best we’ve found. Just enter the URL of the site you want to unblock and click ‘GO.’ BUT, for the most part, TV websites don’t work well with proxies. So if you can’t get the channel/streaming service you want with Instant Unblock, then come back here and see how unblock it with a VPN.)

There are other VPNs out there, but we find NordVPN to be the best and easiest to use for two key reasons, explained below.

First, here are just a few of the TV channels and streaming services you can unblock with NordVPN:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • HBO
  • BBC iPlayer
  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • Fox Sports Networks
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • Sky Sports
  • FuboTV
  • HUNDREDS more!
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How To Unblock Your Favorite TV Sites & Services With NordVPN

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

STEP 1. Visit NordVPN and sign up for an account

STEP 2. Download the NordVPN app for the device (or devices) you want to use, and then launch the app. Smart-Play is turned on by default.

STEP 3. Use TV sites and services the way you always do. As long as you’re connected to NordVPN, you can stream away with zero geo-blocks or restrictions!

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NordVPN is the best, simplest way to unblock content in any location. It has excellent streaming speeds, maximum reliability and performance, and peak unblocking power on virtually every streaming site and service. On top of that, there are 2 key things that make NordVPN the best.

1) Nord will let you unblock ALL your favorite channels and services, quickly and easily. It’s the only VPN with Smart-Play — which eliminates the need to switch servers or fuss with settings when you want to unblock content in a different location. It’s a HUGE hassle-saver. With Smart-Play, you just connect and start streaming ABC, BBC, Netflix, Hulu, and a whole lot more. More about NordVPN’s streaming features.

2) NordVPN has the fastest streaming speeds. In fact, you’ll probably even have faster speeds than when you’re not connected to a VPN. NordVPN prevents throttling by your ISP (that’s when they slow down your speeds, often at peak times), and there are no bandwidth limits or restrictions.

NordVPN Features:

+ Stream blocked content on popular sites and services with NO server switching with Smart-Play

+ Dedicated ‘Ultra fast TV’ servers optimized for streaming

+ Easy-to-use apps for computer, mobile, gaming system, TV, & more

+ Fastest streaming speeds

+ Unlimited bandwidth, with no throttling or restrictions

+ Choose different cities within countries to unblock regional content

+ Works to get Netflix US in any country, or to get Netflix in other regions

+ Extra security features to stay safe and private while streaming

+ Use with up to 6 devices at once

+ 24/7 support via live chat, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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What Is Geo-Blocking?

Some websites (like BBC or ABC) and streaming services (like Netflix, Amazon, or HBO) restrict access to content based on a viewer’s location. Most of the time, this means that anyone trying to watch from a different country gets blocked. For example, the BBC blocks viewers who are outside of the U.K. Many U.S. TV streams block anyone outside the states.

The practice is called ‘geo-blocking‘ or ‘geo-restriction.’ And it’s very frustrating for those who want to watch TV in other countries, or in their own country while away from home. This is also what’s behind those frustrating regional sports blackouts — where you get blocked from streaming home games on sites and services like NFL, NBA TV, NHL, and (RELATED: See how to unblock US Netflix.)

How Does A Website Know Where I Am?

Every computer and device has a unique identifier called an IP address. When you visit a site, it reads your IP address, which reveals where you are located. Or, more exactly, your IP address says the location your internet connection is coming from. You can use a VPN to hide your IP address.

The Easy Way To Bypass Geo-Blocks & Watch TV Around The World

To bypass geo-restrictions and unblock TV, sports, and streaming content everywhere, you just need to make a website “think” you’re in the same country.

The easiest, best way to do this is with a handy little service called a VPN. A VPN will reroute your connection so it looks like you’re in the same region as the content you want to watch. Any geo-blocks then fall away, giving you instant access. VPNs are super easy to use, offer added security and privacy protection, and work great to unblock content around the world.

Unblock Sports Sites

With a VPN, you can unblock tons of great sports sites around the world. You can stream live sports from beIN, Sky Sports, EuroSport, SportsNet, ESPN, and many others no matter what country you’re in.

If your home country is hitting you with blackouts or other restrictions, you can get around those too. You can use your VPN to bypass regional sports blackouts on NFL Game Pass, NBA League Pass, and MLB At Bat, NLH TV, and others. It works the same way — by “telling” a site that you’re outside the US, like in the UK for instance, the NFL or whatever will lift regional blackouts.

Unblock Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Video

With a VPN, you can unblock Netflix in other regions of the world. For example, if you’re outside the US, you can use a VPN to get access to US Netflix, and all the thousands of new titles that are blocked in your country. US residents, you can get Netflix Canada, Netflix UK, and etc. to exponentially expand your Netflix library. While SmartDNS and many VPN providers stopped working with Netflix recently, a few have stood the test of time, including NordVPN.

Other Benefits Of A VPN

In addition to unblocking content, using a VPN protects your online privacy and security. Your personal information is kept hidden from spies, geo-tracking marketers, snoops, and other unsavory elements. These days, it seems like everyone from the government to corporations is watching us online. So it’s a highly useful tool for anyone using the internet, and is recommended by consumer advocacy groups of all kinds. Plus, you can make international VOIP calls using domestic rates. PLUS, your internet service provider won’t be able to monitor your activities or throttle your connection.

How Exactly Does A VPN Unblock TV Content?

It’s pretty simple. Usually, when you visit a website, it sees the IP address of your local internet provider. When you visit a site using a VPN, the site will see the IP address of server located within its borders. A VPN reroutes your device’s connection and displays a local address that will let you watch the content you want.

NordVPN will give you access to virtually every geo-blocked site and service out there — including all the TV sites you’ll find here on wTVPC. It really is amazing how much great stuff there is to watch when you bypass the location restrictions. We hope you enjoy watching tons of awesome TV around the world!

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